On a personal note November 6, 2018, I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.  I went through chemotherapy, surgery and radiation and as of August 2019 I was considered cancer free.  I feel truly blessed to have a future ahead of me.  With this blessing in hand I believe it is both a privilege and an obligation to help others through their journey.  Any diagnosis comes with difficult decisions, not only are you dealing with treatment options but how to approach your social sphere, I made the decision my journey would be a private one.  My children were not to share with their friends, only my immediate family and a couple of special friends knew my diagnosis. 

Now, that I have been down this path, I realize there are a lot of things the doctors don’t always share.  Keeping your hair is a possibility, walking and exercise is crucially important, how much water should you drink, nutritional advise and most importantly, how to be an advocate for yourself or whom you are supporting. I am very active in in a couple local Cancer Charities and my phone is always open and ready to hear from someone that needs a listening ear or advise, I promise, I can keep a secret.

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